By utilizing high capacity refrigerated floor model centrifuges, routine clinical applications and other analytical functions in different laboratory settings can be carried out rather easily and conveniently. With their excellent centrifuging action, these pieces of equipment greatly help to perform diagnostic applications in an efficient and speedy manner. Thus, research professionals can save time and effort.

Easy to Perform Diverse Research Functions

Refrigerated floor model centrifuges are mainly used for centrifugation of temperature sensitive materials that are commonly used for applications in biotech, chemistry, biological, medical, and industrial research fields. These centrifuges are available in a variety of models from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. The popular models include Sorvall RC-3, Beckman J6B, and Sorvall RC-3C Plus.

Advanced Features Assure Accurate Analysis Reports

For accomplishing the diverse analytical applications of contemporary medical, scientific and research laboratory facilities, refrigerated floor model centrifuges are incorporated with an array of innovative features. The important functionalities one can find in Sorvall RC-3C model centrifuges include:

  • Integrated with w2dt automated RCF determination
  • Speed capability around 6000 rpm (7277 maximum force)
  • Digital display enables easy readout
  • Thumbwheel controls
  • Extended service diagnostics
  • 99m59s/hold timer
  • Controlled deceleration
  • Ensured quiet operation

Refrigerated floor model centrifuges are designed with superior capacity, and are highly reliable. Besides, the majority of these centrifuges are provided with special cooling units for maintaining the temperature range of the rotors, above or below the ambient temperature. With all these features, the researchers can obtain diagnostic reports with superior precision within a minimum span of time.

Buy Perfect Models from Established Distributors

Before purchasing refrigerated floor model centrifuges for your laboratory settings, it is highly important to find competent dealers in the industry that offer professional services. They can help you not only in obtaining the exact models that suit well with your application requirements and budget limits, but also with dedicated technical support.