Small, lightweight and easy-to-use bench-top centrifuges are specially designed for small laboratories. They have become standard tools for both diagnosis and research applications. They are handy solutions for various medical and laboratory tests that demand effortless separation of liquids from solids. Generally, they are used for processing blood samples.

Benchtop Centrifuges with Advanced Technical Specifications

Benchtop centrifuges ensure safe and easy operation in your labs. Most of them come with unique space-saving design that make them easily fit into any corner of your small laboratory. Quiet, vibration-free operation of these devices helps you to maintain silence and eliminate distractions in your work environment. LED power indicator light, auto-off facility, angled head rotor and automatic electric break are some of the important features of centrifuges. The clear lids of these systems allow you to easily view the specimens you are processing.

Save Money for Your Small Labs

Most of the retailers and suppliers of lab products offer different models of refurbished and used models of centrifuges, for the convenience of small labs. Refurbished centrifuges are cheaper to buy than brand new centrifuges. Usually, they provide trouble-free service and come with guarantee just as new ones.

Get the Best Deals for Your Labs from Reliable Dealers

Benchtop centrifuges are now available in a wide range of capacities, sizes and models to match any sort of laboratory setting. Customers looking to improve their small laboratories with benchtop centrifuges must look for reliable companies like Block Scientific that offer the best deals. With them, you can find all popular models of centrifuges including LW Scientific, Unico, and The Drucker Co. The dealers can also give you a wide range of adaptors and accessories for all your sample preparation needs.