Reconditioned clinical chemistry analyzers are dependable instruments that meet the needs of clinical laboratories of all types including physician’s clinics, independent clinics and hospitals. Small and mid-sized clinical laboratories depend on these devices for long term economical benefits and result-oriented performance.

Chemistry Analyzers for Effective Clinical Analysis

Clinical chemistry analyzers are used for running tests for various health conditions such as endocrine function, diabetes, thyroid fertility, congenital diseases, HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney disease, hepatitis, STDs, transplant, and heart disease. They are useful for determining the concentration of certain electrolytes, metabolites, and drugs in body fluids such as plasma, serum, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Refurbished Products Guarantee Long Term Performance

Purchasing reconditioned clinical chemistry analyzers offer great savings. These products maintain all the specifications and standards as that of original ones.

Refurbished products are reliable as they are effectively tested for higher performance. Initially, experts in the field inspect the wear and tear of the clinical chemistry analyzers. Then they carry out the repair program which may include disassembly, replacement, painting, cleaning, reassembly, quality control and packing. These refurbished products are also offered attractive warranty.

Get Suitable Models from Reliable Dealers

For accurate and consistent results within a short period of time, the equipment you are using should possess superior throughput capabilities. Roche Diagnostics, Bayer, Alfa Wassermann and Beckman are some of the manufacturers selling popular brands of clinical chemistry analyzers for scientific research laboratories. Now you can buy reconditioned chemistry analyzers belonging to these brands from reliable dealers.