Hematology analyzers are used for performing a series of diagnostic applications including evaluation of the number of cellular and non-cellular elements present in blood and other bodily fluids. Hematology analyzers are very expensive equipment and therefore many clinical laboratories are now opting for recertified hematology analyzers. Recertified models are extremely affordable and offer the same consistency in performance as brand new equipment.

Recertified Hematology Analyzers for Precise Results

Popular models of recertified hematology analyzers include Sysmex K-1000 Hematology Analyzer, ABX Pentra 120, Abbott Cell Dyn 1600, Abbott Cell Dyn 3200, Clay Adams QBC Autoread Plus, Beckman/Coulter MAXM and more.

The main advantage of going in for recertified hematology analyzers is that they cost less and at the same time, perform as well as new. It is for these reasons that small laboratories, physician office labs, hospitals, clinics and many other clinical facilities with cost-sensitive budgets invest in recertified hematology analyzers

To facilitate the smooth performance of diagnostic functions, the various models of hematology analyzers come with outstanding technical features. The important functionalities of the Beckman/Coulter MAXM recertified hematology analyzer include:

  • 50-300 CBCs measuring capability per day
  • Throughput capacity up to 75 tests per hour
  • Three-dimensional VCS technology
  • Continuous auto loading facility
  • Semi-automated reticulocyte analysis
  • User-friendly data management functionalities
  • Small sample capabilities

Adherence to Manufacturer Specifications

Before recertification, the hematology analyzers are checked thoroughly by a skilled panel of technicians and engineers. The entire reconditioning procedure including parts replacement, repairing, reassembling and painting is performed according to the norms prescribed by the manufacturers to ensure that the recertified equipment offers consistent and accurate performance. Recertified hematology analyzers are offered with warranty and service contracts as well.

Choose an Experienced Distributor

Beckman Coulter, Abbott Diagnostics, Clay Adams, Horiba ABX and Sysmex Corporation are some of the well-known manufacturers of hematology analyzers. Recertified models of their products are supplied by leading distributors. When planning to buy a recertified hematology analyzer, contact a reputed laboratory equipment supplier who can deliver the reasonably-priced model to meet your needs.