Recertified blood gas analyzers are the right option for research facilities operating with tight budgets. Recertified blood gas analyzers perform as well as new and offer exceptional consistency and accuracy in results.

Blood gas analyzers are used in physiological and medical research laboratories for concentration of hemoglobin, lactate and electrolytes in the blood. Blood gas analyzers also ensure easy determination of acid-base status and the amount of oxygen, plasma and serum in the blood.

Blood Gas Analyzers with Quality Features

Well-known distributors supply recertified blood gas analyzers manufactured by industry leaders like Bayer and Radiometer. Popular models include the Bayer 865 Blood Gas Analyzer, Bayer 348 Blood Gas Analyzer, Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Gas Analyzer, Radiometer ABL 520 Blood Gas Analyzer and so on. The major features of the Bayer 865 model of recertified Blood Gas Analyzer include:

  • Advanced on-board data management
  • On-board roll printer with paper take-up spool
  • Quality control tracking facility
  • Automatic calibration at intervals you choose
  • Patient reference ranges
  • Waste system designed for bio-safety
  • Archive and backup capabilities
  • Automatic reagent-path cleaning cycle

Recertified Blood Gas Analyzers – Excellent Cost Advantage

To ensure superior performance, blood gas analyzers are put through a whole gamut of processes before they are recertified for use. These processes include inspection, repair and replacement of components, reassembling, cleaning, painting and packing and are carried out expert technicians who strictly adhere to the standards prescribed by the manufacturers. Before recertification, the equipment is checked once again to assure functional accuracy. Recertified blood gas analyzers come with sufficient warranty and service contracts as well.

Established Distributors Ensure Quality Products

To buy the recertified blood gas analyzer model best suited for your research facility, contact a reliable and established distributor who can deliver good quality equipment at a reasonable price.