Recertified blood chemistry analyzers are the ideal choice small laboratories that need to perform thorough analyses of chemical substances in the blood. Using recertified equipment allows labs to enjoy all advantages of new equipment, but at highly reduced expense.

Recertified to Meet Original Manufacturer Specifications

Blood chemistry analyzers are sometimes returned to the manufacturer site or the dealer site due to slight damages that occur during shipment or initial use. Medical facilities looking to upgrade their labs with brand new equipment, often sell their used devices to dealers. Even brand new overstocked items are now labeled recertified. Most of these devices are hardly damaged.

Dealers put the equipment that is returned to them through a thorough quality check. Factory-trained technicians inspect the devices and they are disassembled, replaced and repaired to original manufacturer specifications. The equipment is then sold at reduced rates after being recertified.

Efficient Performance

Recertified models of blood chemistry analyzers offer reliable results for all multiple tests including bilirubin, magnesium, albumin, calcium, uric acid, inorganic phosphorus, urea nitrogen (bun), glucose, and iron. They can offer the flexibility and versatility seen in new equipment.

While going for recertified models of chemistry analyzers, laboratories should take care to purchase well-known brands, as they offer lasting and reliable performance. Recertified blood chemistry analyzers from brands such as Beckman, Alfa Wassermann, Bayer and Roche Diagnostics are available with many dealers. Some of the main benefits of buying from them include:

  • Recertification with 90 day parts warranty
  • Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available
  • Service contracts may be available

Recertified blood chemistry analyzers are an effective, budget-friendly option for small and medium laboratories.