It’s a common practice for modern laboratory facilities to use recertified and new laboratory centrifuges. Economical gains and top quality are the reasons behind making such a selection. Centrifuges find wide application in laboratories. They are used for the separation of cellular components and plasma specimens. Beckman, IEC, Clay Adams, Drucker, Eppendorf, Sorvall, and so on, are the leading manufacturers of recertified and new centrifuges. The fact that laboratory centrifuges from these manufacturers incorporate sophisticated and advanced technologies means they are highly versatile.

Get Superior Performance from New Laboratory Centrifuges

Compared to a recertified product, integration of advanced technology is found more in new centrifuges. With a new centrifuge, you are also assured of easy availability of spare parts and accessories.

Recertified Centrifuges to Save Money

A recertified laboratory centrifuge is an alternative to reduce the huge cost associated with a brand new product. The cost of a new product is something which medical facilities with a low budget cannot afford. Hence, recertified centrifuges are cost-effective solutions. They offer the same performance as that of a new product. They are passed through various processes of recertification. Before reaching the user’s hand, they are perfectly designed to meet original specifications.

Choose Right Product from a Top Dealer

It is quite difficult to find recertified products of good quality at an affordable rate. You can find a number of dealers offering recertified and new laboratory centrifuges. So pick out top dealers who are experts in this field. They offer recertified and new products from leading manufactures at affordable rates. They can even help you select appropriate products within your budget.