Blood gas analyzers are mainly used to measure the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide; and hydrogen ion concentration in arterial blood. The various versions of Radiometer ABL blood gas analyzers include ABL 5, ABL 520 and ABL 720. All these models possess almost similar characteristics with one or two added features.

Different Models of ABL Blood Gas Analyzers and Their Features

Radiometer blood gas analyzers are available in different models and specifications for a vast array of applications. Here are some of them:

  • Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Gas Analyzer

It is a bench top analyzer with standby function. It ensures high reliability and stability. The introduction of blood sample is easy in these models. The unique feature seen in this blood gas analyzer is the intuitive user interface. It enjoys greater popularity due to maintenance free design and simple replacement solutions.

  • Radiometer ABL 520 Blood Gas Analyzer

This instrument offers superior automatic operation with an array of features to perform various tests on different combinations of blood gases, oximetry, metabolites and electrolytes. It is used to determine the concentration of Na+, Ca2+ and K+ etc. Due to the incorporation of advanced features such as automatic level detection and temperature correction, it is one of the popular models. Remote monitoring through RADIANCE STAT analyzer management system software is another modern technique incorporated.

  • Radiometer ABL 720 Blood Gas Analyzer

To conduct healthcare STAT tests, ABL 720 is the ideal choice. In addition, ABL 720 blood gas analyzers perform all the functions performed by ABL 520. State-of-the-art technology with modular design enhances interference free measurements and maximum QC with minimal effort. It also features a color touch screen with icons.

Purchase Good Models from Reliable Distributors

Today there are a number of dealers in the industry supplying Radiometer ABL blood gas analyzers. Find an esteemed dealer in the field who offers top quality products at affordable rates.