Refurbished Lab EquipmentDownsizing of clinical lab budgets has increased the demand for refurbished lab instruments and devices. Purchasing used devices rather than new is a cost-effective option, but feasible only if you tread carefully. Laboratory equipment is meant to ensure accurate and timely results for diagnosis and proper patient care. Many vendors offer refurbished equipment to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized labs. The refurbishment process usually involves a complete dismantling of the equipment. Parts are repaired, replaced if necessary and cleaned. Once the equipment is recertified, it is put up for sale.

Choosing the Right Vendor

It’s important to be discerning when you choose your recertified lab device supplier. Things to watch out for:

How the refurbishing is done: Check whether the refurbishment has been carried out by factory-trained technicians to meet original manufacturer specifications. Are the replaced parts sourced directly from the manufacturers? Are upgrades and services available?

Buy a quality product: Make sure that the equipment you buy is a top brand. With a product from a leading manufacturer, you can be sure of getting spares and consumables. Moreover, don’t go in for a product just because it comes at a lower price. It’s more important to verify if it has all the features you are looking for.

Check documentation: The vendor should be able to supply you with industry and quality certifications, insurance and warranty details, and other relevant documents for the refurbished clinical lab equipment.

Ensure timely post-sales service is available: Timely inspections, testing and repair are important for any type of equipment – old or new. So make sure that you vendor offers prompt and efficient post-sales maintenance service.

Invest Wisely

Your resources are precious, so invest them wisely. Do some thorough research before you team up with a vendor of recertified lab equipment. Reliability, productivity and durability are qualities you should be looking for when you purchases used devices.

The bottom line: Exercise caution when you invest in recertified equipment for your lab.