Miles Hema Tek 2000 Histology Equipment/Slide StainerWith life-threatening diseases like cancer on the rise, medical laboratories need to equip themselves with quality histology equipment or slide stainers. Such equipment is expensive and to help labs meet their needs, leading dealers are offering refurbished models at attractive prices. A reliable refurbished slide stainer would have the following features:

  • Programmable cycle control
  • Agitation capabilities for stain-optimization
  • Controls for variation in stain intensity
  • Makes stain results readily available for viewing
  • Easy to use and maintain

Meeting all these requirements and more is the Miles Hema Tek 2000 Histology Equipment/Slide Stainer from Miles Laboratories Inc., now a subsidiary of Bayer Corporation. This device can stain up to 60 slides an hour and offers excellent control of the stain and buffer mix. Other features:

  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Delivers precise volumes of fresh stain for every slide
  • Platen ensures uniform staining from field-to-field and slide-to-slide
  • Stain and buffer mix accurately
  • Rinse reagent contains the optimal alcohol concentration for proper slide drying
  • Dials on front panel facilitate variation in stain intensities

The Miles Hema Tek 2000 offers accurate first-time staining which minimizes duplicated work. After the staining procedure, the slides are immediately available for viewing. Block Scientific offers this product recertified with 90 day parts warranty.