Laboratory PerformanceClinical laboratories play a crucial role in the treatment protocol of patients. Managing the huge inflow of data into a laboratory requires innovative technologies. The data includes personal details of patients, type of testing needed, clinical details as well as information regarding the parameters generated following the testing process. Tests are performed using a range of instruments from simple colorimeters to complex flow cytometers. The data generated can be manually or digitally stored. Digital storage is more advisable since it is a safer and more convenient option than the tedious manual storage option. Automation is a welcome option because it can considerably improve the integration of various lab instruments, and enhance communication between the laboratory, physicians and physicians.

When properly implemented, laboratory automation can improve the quality and efficiency of lab operations, reduce overall laboratory expenses, enhance patient services, and address the overall concerns laboratories face today. It can minimize errors during each phase of work in the lab, and improve efficiency and turnaround time.

Automation may be total laboratory automation (TLA) or system based automation. TLA includes steps such as automatic centrifuge, decapping, sorting of samples, testing on various instruments, post analytical processing, storage and retrieval. In system based automation, the lab can decide on the particular areas that are most important and implement customized automation. The former is the more expensive option and the latter is more affordable for small laboratories. When preparing for automation, it is vital that laboratories associate with a reliable provider of advanced lab equipment that can help choose the right products.

Novel automation technologies are now available in sample collection, centrifugation, accessioning, sample inspection, and transportation. Innovative, proven automation solutions from leading manufacturers in the industry help to build an efficient multidiscipline core lab. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, a leading lab equipment manufacturer offers advanced robotic solutions and laboratory automation systems that deliver peak performance. Products offered include –

  • Clinitek Status + – Point-of-care automated urine analyzer that automatically checks each test strip for humidity exposure, common sample interferences and strip identification for Siemens test strips.
  • Sysmex CA-560 – Fully automated system featuring immunologic, coagulation, and chromogenic measurements in true random-access.
  • Sysmex CA-540 – Fully automated coagulation system designed to perform multiple coagulation assays in a single instrument, this system is also ideal as a backup for larger instruments.

ADVIA® Automation Solutions from Siemens combine peak performance instruments with scalable sample management capabilities, allowing hospitals and commercial laboratories to transform their operations and prepare for the future. Lab equipment distributors play an important role in making these systems available to customers and helping them maximize lab productivity via automated lab management and improved efficiency.