Portable blood gas analyzers are used to detect the concentration of various electrolytes and glucose level in blood samples. These also measure pH, hematocrit and full CO-oximetry from a single sample. Additionally, this instrument performs biosafe automatic sampling system with clot detection and clearance. Portable blood gas analyzers find extensive application in healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics and other related medical facilities.

Easy-to-Use Portable Models Integrated with Modern Technology

Bayer Diagnostics is one of the top manufacturers of portable blood gas analyzers. They offer various models with a vast array of design features for a variety of applications. Each model is meant to perform a specific task. The latest models come with sophisticated technology and tools to deliver quality results. Rapidpoint 400 blood gas analyzer is one of the popular units, which offers speedy operation with a high level of operator safety.

Portable blood gas analyzers are self contained cartridge based blood gas units with maintenance free operation. The durable cartridge constitutes a sampling unit with sensors and calibrating reagents. It records test results on all analytes within 60 seconds.

A variety of sophisticated features in these instruments ensure simplified operation. An icon enriched color touch screen and video assistance reduces workload. Moreover, these can be monitored remotely by a central laboratory.

Get Quality Assured Products from Leading Dealers

Today there are a number of dealers offering top quality models from leading manufacturers. While selecting portable blood gas analyzers, you have to consider various factors such as quality and durability of the products. Before purchasing a blood gas analyzer, find an authentic dealer who can assure quality products that deliver consistent performance.