A recent survey by the editors of Laboratory Equipment, a leading online resource for the industry, reveals that the lab equipment requirements of pharmaceutical researchers are set to change in the future.

  • Development efforts are likely to focus more on biotech-Laboratory Equipmentbased products which have great potential for future growth.
  • Currently, the attention continues to be on conventional chemical-based development.
  • The lab equipment in use at present in pharmaceutical research is traditional: HPLC, specialized spectrometers, microscopes, fumehoods and GC systems.
  • Responses on requirements for the future: imaging systems, more HPLC, mass spectrometers, automation and robotics, and modeling and simulation software.
  • Clinical trials make up more than two-thirds of the costs for developing new pharmaceuticals, and many of these areas are outsourced.
  • It is predicted that, as in the medical arena, modeling and simulation systems will come into being in the pharmaceutical research field.

When asked about the greatest challenge in the pharmaceutical research arena, respondents cited high cost of product development as the greatest challenge, 20 percentage points more than expiration of patents and product development times, which come second.

The findings of this study should provide some important pointers for laboratory equipment manufacturers to make their production plans.