Medical Lab EquipmentWellPoint, the leading health benefits company in the U.S. recently announced a new program under which all payment increases that providers receive will be directly linked to their performance.

Formerly, WellPoint provided annual increases and special rewards for high quality care. Under the new plan, a hospital will be eligible for the annual increase only if it meets the insurer’s prescribed quality standards.

According to the company’s website, WellPoint’s health plans offer physicians and hospitals incentives to encourage them to meet or exceed industry-standard clinical practices that result in better patient care and safety. WellPoint will assess individual hospitals based on three primary factors:

  • Health outcomes (weighted at 55%)
  • Patient-safety measures (weighted at 35%)
  • Patient satisfaction (weighted at 10%)

“We reward hospitals for using programs and technologies that improve medical outcomes, reduce errors, and increase member satisfaction,” says WellPoint on its website.

Among other factors, this underlines the importance of using quality medical lab equipment. Reducing medical mistakes or errors in treatment is possible only by equipping labs with the latest technology. Tying up with a leading supplier of laboratory equipment ensures premium quality brand products such as blood gas analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, chemistry analyzers, immunology analyzers, hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, microscopes, centrifuges and so on. Small and mid-sized labs that cannot afford new systems can rely on the recertified lab equipment that works as well as new, but costs much less.

Value-based programs such as WellPoint’s are expected to greatly enhance patient satisfaction and outcomes. Do you manage or run a medical lab? Then choose your medical lab equipment supplier with great care to benefit from incentive payments for higher quality patient care and laboratory efficiency.