Optimal use of laboratory equipment is one of the greatest challenges facing scientific and medical labs today. Researchers and lab personnel can maximize productivity from their lab assets only if the equipment is utilized and managed effectively.

This is precisely what Asset GeniusTM, the new informatics-based business intelligence solution from PerkinElmer, Inc. attempts to do. This platform is designed to find and present the data and analysis necessary to help researchers make proper decisions to gain efficiencies and increase productivity of lab equipment.

The system collects instrument data directly without impacting workflows. It captures detailed real-time utilization data from any networked laboratory instrument. This includes simple instruments such as laboratory balances to sophisticated instruments with their own data systems. This automated platform needs no user intervention. Information from non-networked systems is collected manually through a user-friendly, integrated e-form.

This new solution covers various areas. Procurers of laboratory equipment can apply utilization data to properly evaluate purchase decisions on new assets. Taking care to purchase only high quality lab equipment from leading industry suppliers is crucial when it comes to maximizing productivity and cutting operational costs. Asset GeniusTM also helps identify and reorganize underutilized assets.

The utilization data that the platform provides can be applied to determine maintenance and calibration plans based on usage instead of a recommended time frame. This would reduce operating expenses without affecting the quality of the results. The system also enables the generation of comprehensive reports to help identify key performance and utilization metrics for lab equipment.