AcT Diff IIHematology analyzers perform tests to determine the presence of different types of cellular and non-cellular elements in blood and body fluids. Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II is an advanced analyzer designed for diagnostic testing in small laboratories, hospitals, and physician office labs. The instrument delivers fast and exceptional performance and provides testing for 16 parameters. This compact analyzer provides closed vial sampling to maximize safety and efficiency in the lab. It requires only a small sample volume in both open and closed analysis modes, offering a wide operating range and multiple output formats.

This affordable, easy-to-use system accommodates a full range of features to optimize lab efficiency:

  • Small, 18 μL sample aspiration permits running capillary or venous whole blood specimens
  • User-definable high/low flagging of patient results and quality control simplifies data interpretation
  • Automated quality assurance functions improve productivity
  • Zero routine maintenance and high system reliability help contain costs
  • Three user-definable reference ranges for high/low flagging of patient and quality control results
  • Onboard calibration and reproducibility files that automate statistical calculations
  • Closed vial mode that increases safety

This fully automated system offers a CBC and 3-part Coulter histogram differential for consistently accurate results. The benchtop design requires only two square feet of counter space. Specially formulated reagents, controls and calibrators are also available that ensure accurate results.

Running a sample in the analyzer is easy and involves just three steps:

  • Select sample mode and verify ID via the intuitive touch screen
  • Place sample or control tube into the closed vial sample station
  • Review results in less than 60 seconds

Reputable lab equipment dealers offer both new and refurbished models of this hematology analyzer. Refurbished devices cost less than a new one, and may be supplied along with a service contract. Reputable vendors also offer hematology reagents, accessories and consumables for the products they supply.