Olympus/Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry AnalyzerTo choose the right chemistry analyzer, laboratories should consider factors such as the types of tests they need to run, throughput, degree of automation, data management, operating costs, footprint, and whether the machine can handle micro-volume samples. The Olympus/Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry Analyzer is an ideal chemistry system for small to medium sized laboratories. It can also serve as a special chemistry or STAT analyzer in large laboratories.

The AU480 performs automated analysis of serum, urine, and other fluids. Sample volumes as low as 1 µl can be used, making it ideal for pediatric testing, and reaction volumes down to as low as 90 µl guarantee cost efficiency.

The system comes with a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an onboard capacity of 63 different analytes. The device’s new intuitive graphic user interface minimizes need for training requirements. Other features:

  • User-friendly touch screen monitor
  • Reagent reduction
  • Low consumable usage
  • Bar-coded racks to define different sample materials
  • 80 samples on board at any time
  • Automatic repeat and reflex capability
  • Automatic bottle switch capabilities
  • Non disposable quartz cuvettes
  • Software driven carry over elimination
  • Dry incubation bath
  • 6 months shelf life
  • 18 months shelf life for reference electrodes
  • Embedded maintenance videos

User definable software options such as auto rerun via rack handler / STAT wheel and true reflex testing expand the convenience for the user. As the system uses dry bath technology, it does not require water bath maintenance.

Additional safety features such as computer controlled sample and reagent dispensing in combination with clot detection and crash prevention enhance this unique system’s reliability. The master curve reagents have 2D barcodes to maximize productivity and reduce the potential for errors.

Purchase of the AU480 Chemistry System from the online store of a reliable chemistry lab equipment supplier will ensure great pricing and maintenance support.