Olympus AU400Quality chemistry analyzers are necessary to provide accurate and speedy test results that will allow physicians to develop proper treatment protocols. One of the most reliable products in the market, the Olympus AU400 is a fully automated chemistry analyzer for routine, STAT, urine and homogenous immunoassays. It offers enhanced operational comfort and comes with versatile functions. Designed to meet the needs of hospitals as well as core and commercial laboratories, this device can be used in both single and multiple locations.

Designed to serve the current laboratory’s demand for high-quality test data along with efficient and flexible operation, this chemistry analyzer can process up to 800 tests per hour. It delivers high performance analysis, including STAT and ISE capability, in a compact package for small and medium size labs.

Highly concentrated, stable liquid reagents for these analyzers are supplied in wedge-shaped plastic bottles with barcode labels. No pre-processing is required. Other advantages include the ability to load the reagents at any position in the reagent compartments. Excellent compatibility between reagents and hardware ensures highly reliable test results. Along with producing the same reliable results and reference ranges, the AU400 also allows efficient inventory management.

The device features an extensive test menu comprising homogeneous immunoassays for protein analytes such as apolipoproteins, immunoglobulin, complement components, and so on. Other features include

  • Robotic arms, called probes, controlled by pressure valves
  • Spot photometry technology to generate accurate data and
  • A microprocessor or software package to calculate the values from the signal and display the data in a user-defined format

The sample multi-mixing station, combined with sample pre-dilution, probe crash detection and other technological innovations also assure accurate test results.

Labs with budget constraints can purchase a recertified model of the AU400 or get it for lease at an established online laboratory equipment store.