Olympus AU400Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers provide quick, reportable and accurate test results. The Olympus AU400 is a popular model for small to medium size hospitals and laboratories. It can also serve as a dedicated specialty analyzer for larger facilities. This revolutionary analyzer comes with a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour and provides high performance analysis, including STAT and ISE capability.

The broad test menu of this automated analyzer includes chemistry, urine chemistry, specific proteins, esoteric chemistries and tests for therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs-of-abuse, and thyroid function. CEDIA drug of abuse testing reagents are often used with Olympus AU400 for reliable drug test results.

Olympus AU400Fully Featured for High Performance


  • Maximum throughput of 800 tests per hour (with ISE)
  • Reduced reaction volume – down to 150 μl
  • Less consumption of liquid stable reagents
  • Improved measurement – savings in reagent and running costs


  • Ease of operation with mouse-control Windows software and touch screen
  • Bar-coded ready-to-use reagents
  • Pull down menus and help functions to ensure basic operation in minutes

Advanced Technologies

  • Spot photometry technology to generate accurate test data
  • Windows NT® based software
  • Modem support for continuous communication and service
  • Computer controlled liquid dispensing for speed and positional adjustment
  • Probe tip speed control to prevent liquid splashing

Safety Features

  • Clot detection and crash prevention for sample and reagent dispenser
  • A triple washing station to eliminate contamination

Other features include two permanent probes – a sample probe (2 – 50 µl) and a reagent probe (20 – 300 µl) – and a refrigerated reagent chamber that accommodates 72 reagent bottles.

Recertified chemistry analyzers with 90-days parts warranty can be purchased from an established supplier of chemistry lab equipment in New York. Purchasing the refurbished Olympus AU400 is a great alternative for laboratories with budget constraints that want to take advantage of the benefits of advanced technology at a price much lower than new.