Olympus AU400 Chemistry AnalyzerClinical chemistry analyzers determine concentrations of analytes in whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine samples, and play a key role in laboratory applications. Advanced models of these devices are now available to meet the requirements of diverse lab settings. Manufactured by Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc, the Olympus AU400 is a fully automated chemistry analyzer for routine, STAT, urine and homogenous immunoassays. Designed to meet the needs of hospitals, core and commercial laboratories, this device can be used in single or multiple locations. The unit’s standardized design provides advantages such as increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and delivery of fast, reliable results.

This reliable chemistry analyzer offers a throughput of 400 tests per hour and 800 tests with ISE. The open system has two permanent probes for better accuracy and precision: a sample probe (2 – 50 µl) and a reagent probe (20 – 300 µl). The reagent chamber is refrigerated and accommodates 72 reagent bottles.

The AU400 uses the same reagents and user interface as larger systems such as the AU5400. Thermo Scientific’s CEDIA drugs of abuse testing reagents such as Thermo Kit Buprenorphine MCC, Thermo Kit PAR TDM L3 MAS, and Thermo Kit THC 100mL are used with this system.

The system has the capacity to store 80 samples and allows continuous loading. If required, 46 parameters can be analyzed at a time. The unit’s hard disk can store data from 10,000 patients and this storage capacity becomes infinite if linked to a server. The software also has the ability to perform online data transfer and remote maintenance. It also provides for efficient inventory management.

By purchasing the refurbished model of this analyzer from leading lab equipment suppliers, you would enjoy benefit such as a

  • A 90-day parts warranty
  • Timely supply of reagents, controls, consumables
  • Service contracts

Professional lab equipment suppliers will make sure that the system is refurbished to adhere to original manufacturer specifications. Leading vendors also offer this unit for lease.