Medical devices used by the research facilities vary according to the type of analytical procedures to be performed. Therefore to suit your specific application requirements, distributors of laboratory products offers a wide variety of new and used medical equipment such as incubators, microscopes, pipettes, chemistry analyzers and so on from recognized manufacturers. The use of high-quality medical equipment in medical, health and research facilities goes a long way in providing good service.

New Medical Equipment for Flawless Functioning

The important benefit of purchasing new medical devices is that they ensure lasting performance. The chances of breakdown and repair are also minimized with new medical equipment. New equipment also has the advantage of being supplied along with the original manufacturer warranty and sufficient insurance. Hardware and software are usually covered by original warranties.

When it comes to post sales service, new medical equipment is preferred. Manufacturers have the necessary technical support to offer if there is some problem with the functioning of the equipment. Another advantage of using brand new equipment is that all spare parts, accessories, reagents and consumables can be obtained easily. Above all, as these devices are incorporated with innovative technology, diverse evaluation functions can be performed conveniently, assuring positive and precise results within a short span of time.

Cost Benefits of Used Medical Equipment

New medical equipment is usually very expensive and may be therefore unaffordable for small and medium research facilities. Purchasing used medical equipment is the best alternative, especially for those facilities which have a budget constraint. Used equipment is refurbished and reconditioned to offer the same steady performance and accuracy as brand new devices. The equipment is recertified on the completion of the reconditioning procedures. In fact, the refurbished medical equipment is fixed to match the original specifications. Apart from being attractively priced, used medical equipment also comes with limited warranty.

Select the Right Distributor for the Purchase

Whether you need new or refurbished medical equipment for your research facility, it is highly essential to find the reliable distributors in the field. Experienced dealers offer quality products at competitive prices and offer reliable after sales service as well.