Point of care analyzers are used in routine diagnostic applications like analysis of blood for measuring lipid profile, glucose, ALT, TC/HDL, TC, AST, TC-HDL-GLU, hs-CRP values, cardiac markers (cTnI), chemistries, hematology and electrolytes. New and recertified point of care analyzers from well-known manufacturers ensure a consistent and speedy performance as well as a high level of accuracy in analytical results.

Point of Care Analyzers – Different Models

Leading manufacturers like Cholestech and Abbott Laboratories offer various models of point of care analyzers to serve specific purposes. Cholestech LDX is used to measure cholesterol, lipid profile and glucose and so on; Abbott i-STAT 1 is a convenient hand-held device highly useful for fast and safe point-of-care blood testing for electrolytes, coagulation, glucose, cardiac markers (cTnI), chemistries, and hematology. Other useful models include Abaxis Piccolo Xpress, Abbott i-STAT, HemoPoint H2, HemoPoint H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes 4 x 50 Cuvettes from Stanbio and so on.

Precise and Speedy Results

Though expensive, the important advantage of brand new point of care analyzers is that as they incorporate the latest technology to offer efficiency and precision in diagnostic functions. All spare parts and other accessories of new point of care analyzers are readily available.

Recertified point of care analyzers is as efficient as new ones. As they can be obtained at a comparatively lower price, they are a great option for small research laboratories. Recertified products enter the market after rigorous quality testing. Defects, if any, are immediately rectified by skilled technicians and engineers to ensure that the end product specifically follows the specifications recommended by the manufacturers. Recertified point of care analyzers also come with warranty and service contracts.

Buy From Recognized Distributors

To purchase new and recertified point of care analyzers for your research setting, approach recognized distributors who can offer you budget-friendly deals for the model that suits your requirements.