Presently, numerous medical and research facilities are using new and recertified chemistry analyzers for carrying out different analytical functions, mainly due to their performance accuracy, feasibility, instant availability and cost-efficiency.

Select from an Assortment of Models

New and recertified chemistry analyzers can be used for performing a series of routine laboratory tests including those for creatinine, albumin, BUN, magnesium, uric acid, glucose, inorganic phosphorus and iron. They are also used for providing assays for analyzing thyroid functions, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse and more.

To satisfy the research requirements of modern laboratories, advanced models of chemistry analyzers from leading manufacturers are available in the industry. The popular models include Alfa Wassermann ACE, Beckman CX-3 Delta, Dade Dimension AR, Roche Cobas Mira Classic, Bayer Express 550 Plus, and Olympus AU400e.

Perform Research Applications Conveniently with Higher Accuracy

Utilizing brand new chemistry analyzers in your laboratory settings enables you to enjoy a number of benefits. The major one is that, with newer products advanced technology can be utilized for carrying out analytical functions with superior efficiency and expediency. Besides, evaluation results can be obtained with better accuracy and consistency, within a minimum span of time. Another important benefit is that all the spare parts and other accessories of these equipment are easily obtainable.

Recertified chemistry analyzers are a real advantage for professionals with small laboratories, as they can utilize all the innovative features by making minimum equipment investments. Recertified devices are made available to the users after examining all components and performance precision, fixing the detected defects, proper revamping and thorough quality assessment. These procedures are carried out by trained experts precisely following the original specifications prescribed by the manufacturers, thereby assuring flawless functioning of the equipment. Both new and recertified chemistry analyzers are provided with sufficient warranty as well.

Approach Established Dealers for the Purchase

When purchasing new and recertified chemistry analyzers for your laboratory facility, it is important to locate reliable distributors offering quality services. They can assist you in buying the superior model completely satisfying your requirements and budget.