Model 614B CentrifugeSeparating fluids, gases or liquids based on density using centrifugal force or centrifugation is an important activity in clinical and research laboratories.It is carried out to purify cells, sub cellular organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids. For research laboratories, doctors’ offices and mobile health units looking for a quality device, the Model 614B single-speed centrifuge by Drucker Diagnostics is an ideal choice.

With an advanced cooling system and engineering materials, this continuous duty centrifuge provides high-quality fixed-angle separations. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including blood separations such as chemistry, coagulation, and serum separation, and other clinical or analytical applications.The instrument comes with a compact design and requires less than 1 sq. ft. of counter space.

Certified to US, Canadian, and European Safety standards, the unit is controlled by a mechanical timer settable from 1 to 30 minutes.It can spin tubes up to 15mL. The Model 614B features a SmartView platform that tilts the centrifuge to better display the rotor chamber. This provides the user with a clear view while loading and unloading specimens.Other features of the instrument:

  • Quiet and cool operation
  • 1″ Cushion Spacer
  • Shield Cap
  • Tube holders (Red, Black and Green)
  • Tube Adapters
  • 6-Place Fixed Angle Rotor
  • Brushless A/C motor

The custom tube holders are designed to spin tubes without cushion. The fixed-angle rotor of the unit is capable of spinning test tubes up to 17 mm x 125 mm.

Designed for Safe Operation

Samples can be safely viewed through the transparent, shatter-proof lid. A lid safety switch prevents the centrifuge from operating while the lid is open. If the lid is opened during a run, the power to the motor is disconnected.

The other safety features of the instrument include a 4 Amp circuit breaker at the rear of the machine mounted to the base that will cause the breaker to cut power to the machine in case of any electrical short circuit and reinforced side walls – glass fiber reinforced nylon and high impact polycarbonate to provide dual layers of safety protection.

Maintenance Tips from Drucker Diagnostics

This centrifuge is also easy to maintain. Simply follow these tips from the manufacturer:

  • Place the device on a hard smooth surface for good air circulation
  • Spin balanced loads to improve sample separation and extend the life
  • Keep the device and tube holders clean
  • Replace tube holders after 24 months of use
  • Remove centrifuge accessories (tube holders, samples, and caps) from the rotor chamber before transporting or storing the centrifuge to prevent damage and injury
  • Incase of a spillage or tube breakage, remove contaminant immediately to prevent corrosion

For continued safe operation, it is also recommended that the top speed, ground continuity and line leakage be tested every two years.

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