Model 614B CentrifugeHigh quality centrifuges are crucial for a smooth lab centrifugation processes which involve pre-analytical processing of human samples such as blood, urine or sputum. Model 614B centrifuge from Drucker Diagnostics is designed to meet the needs of physicians’ offices and small labs. Using advanced engineering materials and an advanced cooling system, this device provides cost-effective, high-quality fixed angle separations. This cooling system protects the samples even under the heaviest workloads.

The unit is controlled by a mechanical timer settable from 1 to 30 minutes. Its SmartView platform leaves centrifugation unaffected as centrifugal forces act on the axis of the tubes. This platform positions the unit to better display the rotor chamber, which offers healthcare professionals a clear view of the loading and unloading of specimens and allows easy monitoring from across the lab.

Certified to US, Canadian, and European Safety standards, this single speed centrifuge comes with a compact design that requires less than 1 sq. ft. of counter space. This continuous duty centrifuge comes with a wide range of features:

  • Reduced footprint provides more space on your counter
  • Lid safety switch prevents the centrifuge from operating unless the lid is closed and latched
  • Clear shatter proof lid for safe observation of samples and optical calibration of speed
  • Cool-Flow air flow design that prevents overheating of samples
  • Removable rotor for easy cleaning
  • Fixed-angle rotor for spinning 75 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm test tubes in specially designed tube holders
  • Side walls of glass fiber reinforced nylon and high impact polycarbonate to provide dual layers of safety protection
  • Brushless AC motor that offers years of operation with no routine maintenance

No additional accessories are necessary as the unit is sold complete with the rotor and tube holders. The manufacturer recommends that the centrifuge is calibrated every 2 years or 5,000 cycles. Purchase of the device from a reputable online lab equipment store will ensure attractive pricing as well as excellent customer support.