Greiner Winged Safety Blood Collection SetNeedle-point injuries are a common risk in healthcare-related professions and occur when a caregiver get inadvertently pricked or pierced by a needle that was used on a patient with a transmissible disease. Conversely, patients are affected if the healthcare worker has a blood borne disease. Studies show that the incidence of needle-stick injuries is quite high with over one million cases reported worldwide every year. The risk of transmitting infections such as hepatitis C or H.I.V. via needle point injury is quite high.

Protection with an Efficient Blood Collection Set

One obvious way of minimizing this risk is by using a safe blood collection set. Take the Greiner Winged Safety Blood Collection Set. It is specially designed with a safety mechanism that protects blood collection personnel as well as patients. The needle comes with a robust plastic housing and is hinge-attached to the needle hub. The protective case does not interfere with needle use. The safety mechanism activates needle protection as soon as the needle is removed from the vein. The device’s translucent shield is pulled over the cannula to completely isolate it. A clicking sound indicates that the cannula is in place. Thus needle-point risk is efficiently minimized.

Flexible and Reliable Solution

The Greiner Winged Safety Blood Collection Set is OSHA-compliant. It is fast proving to be a safer alternative to conventional blood collection sets. Besides easy handling, this blood collection device comes with flexible wings that provide a secure grip. The sets are available as 1000 per case with leading medical lab equipment dealers.