By utilizing the highly versatile models of Microplate Readers, various research applications in modern laboratories can be carried out with greater convenience and enhanced efficiency.

Easy to Obtain Accurate Analysis Results

With the help of advanced Microplate Readers on board data reduction computations including cutoff absorbance and curve fitting calculations can be performed with step-by-step user prompting. These equipments help the researchers to obtain diagnostic results with superior accuracy.

Microplate Readers are available in a variety of models from renowned manufacturers such as Awareness Technology. The popular models include STAT FAX 4200 Multichannel Microplate Reader, STAT FAX 3200 Microplate Reader, Chromate Microplate Reader, STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader and many more.

Unique Features to Meet Your Research Requirements

To offer maximum expediency for the researchers, these Microplate Readers are designed with high-end features. The major functionalities one can find in STAT FAX 4200 Multichannel Microplate Reader model include:

  • Bichromatic optics
  • Fully automatic rapid reading capability
  • Easily reads around 96 wells in almost less than ten seconds
  • Interactive touch screen LCD
  • USB mouse option

The standard models of these Microplate Readers are provided with four filters. Based on your specific research requirements, models with six filters are obtainable at affordable price ranges. They are also incorporated with on-board curve fitting software, built-in printer and IAD filters to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. Moreover, Microplate readers are provided with large non volatile memory which can store around 100 user tests and efficiently supports serial and parallel outputs as well.

Find Reliable Distributors in the Industry

When planning to purchase Microplate Readers for your research laboratory, always make sure to depend on renowned providers delivering quality products. Such distributors can help you find the best model that suits your analytical requirements and budget limits.