Microplate readers and washers are used for a variety of laboratory purposes. Microplate readers are designed to scan, analyze and obtain numerical results from chemical reactions conducted in microplates, whereas microplate washers are designed to wash immunoassays in microwell strips and plates with professional accuracy. IAD filters are used in both microplate readers and washers.

Microplate Readers with Sophisticated Features

Stat Fax 3200 Microplate Reader, Stat Fax 2100 Microplate Reader and Stat Fax 4200 Multichannel Microplate Reader are the various models available. These perform data reduction calculation such as regression, curve fitting and cut off absorbance calculation. They offer automatic reading. Bichromatic optics and four filters are unique features. Larger display with graphics capability is another attractive feature. These can store around 100 user tests in a large non-volatile memory. Other features are:

  • PC Recorder software for PC interface
  • Optional onboard printer
  • Parallel and serial output
  • Interactive touch screen LCD with USB mouse option

Highly Efficient Microplate Washers

Microplate washers are also available in a variety of models — Stat Fax 2600 Microplate Washer, Stat Fax 2600+ Microplate Washer, Microplate Stat Wash 3100 Manual Washer and Dyntex Ultrawash Plus Microplate Washer. Microplate washers wash flat, round and V- bottom plates and strips automatically. When the device is in operation, no user adjustments are required as it offers automatic calibration, alignment and last row detection. Large non-volatile memory stores a minimum of 50 user-defined wash protocols. These washer models are furnished with constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure for precise operation. Quiet operation is ensured through pump cycle. Other features are programmable automatic rinse cycle, bottles, aerosol shield and 8 way main fold.

Excellent Options for Your Laboratory

Microplate readers and washers are great additions to your laboratory. However, before making a purchase, take care to identify products with better performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. Awareness Technology is a leading manufacturer in this field offering quality products that are reasonably priced. NTRL and CE certified microplate readers and washers for laboratories are the best choice.