Meet Clinical Lab Centrifugation Requirements Efficiently with the E8The economical E8 centrifuge by LW Scientific is a great choice when it comes to biochemical analyses on blood. This device is designed to meet the blood separation needs of laboratories of all sizes quickly and efficiently.

Among the important variables that must be considered when choosing a Centrifuge are speed, spin time, and temperature within the device.

Improper speed (measured as revolutions per minute or rpm) or relative centrifugal force (RCF) or shortened spin times result in flawed separation of the serum/plasma from blood cells. The E8, with its angled rotor, ensures efficient operation with its fixed speed of 3,300 rpm and a maximum RCF of 1350 and allow proper separations without damaging cells.

With a centrifuge, a little vibration is normal, but too much of wobbling is dangerous. The E8 ensures quiet, vibration free operation with its wide stance and suction-cupped feet to prevent slipping.

The E8 can accommodate almost all test tubes of 3ml – 15ml and comes with a maximum volume capacity of 120 ml. The brushless motor (110V only) is virtually maintenance-free and its high impact lid port is designed to allow easy viewing of samples when the device is in use. Other features of this efficient device include a 30-minute timer and on/on switch.

The speed and dependency that this centrifuges offers makes it an invaluable addition to any lab. Purchase the device from a reliable lab equipment supplier that offers efficient after-sales services as proper preventive maintenance of centrifuges is critical to the integrity of blood separation operations.