Medica EasyBloodGas AnalyzerBlood gas tests detect imbalances in the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and pH levels of human blood, which could be indiactive medical conditions such as kidney failure, heart failure, uncontrolled diabetes, drug overdose, hemorrhage and shock. Medica’s EasyBloodGas analyzer measures pH, PCO2, and PO2 in addition to eleven additional parameters. It is designed to streamline clinical laboratory workflow, and deliver accurate and timely results in an economical manner. Its small foot print saves lab space.

The EasyBloodGas quality control program calculates and stores complete statistics for the last 30 quality control results at each of three levels. The data management program compares all patient results with ranges stored in memory and flags out-of-range results. Results are stored in memory for up to 64 patients. The analyzer’s unique electrode design and precise control of calibrator volumes ensures economical operation and low cost per sample.

Patient parameters, including FIO2 and Hb, can be entered using the digital keypad and integrated into patient results. Programmed to conform to established lab protocols, the device’s software allows selection of desired options, including Reference Limits, Quality Control Limits, Operator ID and Patient Data.

Key features

  • Simple menus that guide the user through analyzer operation
  • All analyzer components as simple modules that is easily accessible to the user
  • Maintenance-free electrode design that permits fast, fail-safe installation
  • Universal sampler that adapts to both syringe and capillary samples
  • Self-wiping feature that provides convenience, sample integrity and user safety
  • Modular design makes maintenance easy

Compact reagent module

Bulky gas tanks are replaced with liquid, tonometered calibrants, packaged in a convenient reagent module which also collects, protecting the user from biological hazards. The module’s solid state memory enables the analyzer to track date code and reagent usage. Uninterrupted operation is assured.

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