Medical microscopes are used for sample examination in pathology, cytology, immunology, hematology and microbiology laboratories as well as in many medical research facilities. Using highly flexible models of medical microscopes, clinical diagnostic applications can be performed efficiently to obtain accurate analytical reports.

Innovative Microscope Models to facilitate Clinical Diagnosis

Medical microscopes are available in a variety of models from well-known manufacturers including LW Scientific. Popular models include Revelation III-S Semi-Plan Trinoc with eyepiece, Revelation III-S Semi-Plan Binocular, Revelation III-A Dual Binocular Teaching Microscope, Revelation III-A Achro Trinocular with eyepiece, Revelation III-A Achro Binocular and Revelation III-A-M Achro Monocular. These microscopes enable the detection of parasites and bacteria in blood, feces, and urine. Fertility clinics use them for sperm analysis. Medical students are trained on the microbiology of the human body using medical microscopes. Medical microscopes are also used by veterinary clinics to examine blood and other specimens of animals.

Sophisticated Features for Superior Performance

To ensure quality diagnostic results within a minimum span of time, medical microscopes have an array of advanced features. The LW Scientific Revelation III-S Semi-Plan Trinocular with Eyepiece model includes capabilities such as:

  • Titanium finished optics (Achromatic or Semi Plan)
  • Coarse and fine focus adjustments
  • Trinocular head w/extra eyepiece
  • Lens with antifungal coating
  • Rugged alloy construction with an acid and reagent resistant coating
  • High quality 10x wide field oculars coated to eliminate reflection
  • Integrated Mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls
  • Modifiable Iris diaphragm
  • Rack and pinion alterable Abbe condenser (NA 1.25)
  • Tension control knob for coarse and fine adjustments
  • 20 watt Halogen lamp rheostat controlled illumination system

This medical microscopes model also comes with stage lock, two replacement fuses, filter holder with blue and green filters and vinyl dust cover.

Find an Experienced Distributor

To purchase medical microscopes for your clinic or laboratory, always approach experienced distributors in the industry. They would be able to provide the model that best suits your requirements and budget constraints.