Medica EasyRAModern clinical chemistry analyzers incorporate considerable improvements over legacy models. Manufacturers are customizing analyzers for use in small laboratories, for very high volume situations such as in a large hospital, as well as in the field. Specially designed to meet the on-site testing needs of small- to medium-sized medical laboratories, the Medica EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer offers a maximum throughput of 150 tests/hr, 24 sample positions and 24 reagents onboard. The system has gained popularity for its efficiency and ease of use.

The device comes with a simple and intuitive user interface so that only minimal training is required. Four color-coded chapters guide the technician through all analyzer functions. With quickly operational and ready to run samples, the device can analyze stat samples in less than 8 minutes. On-screen display of tables and graphics gives status of reagents, Cals and QC at a glance.

Available in an economical, bench-top design, the device also features:

  • Liquid, stable and ready to use reagents
  • 4 Medica ISE sensors for chemical analysis of any sample
  • Up to 7 configurable test panels
  • Two levels of quality controls
  • Fast, easy and error free setup and operation
  • Single and multilevel calibration (based on analyte)
  • Unique slide-out drawer that makes all components easily accessible

RFID technology eliminates the need to manually program reagents. When the smart reagent wedge is placed anywhere in the reagent area, EasyRA identifies location, number of samples remaining, sample volumes, and expiration dates. It offers easy access to current and past results in multiple print and viewing formats.

LIS connectivity permits linkup, optionally or built-in, to laboratory information systems. Two-way communication between the analyzer and the reagent wedges allows for continuous updating, providing real-time inventory control. This analyzer includes installation and training and comes with one year on-site warranty. The chemistry reagents are ready to use and packaged in liquid form in single or dual reagent widges.

Professional lab equipment suppliers also offer this analyzer for lease, allowing labs with budget constraints to take advantage of its advanced capabilities with no up-front capital expenditures.