Medica Blood Testing AnalyzersMedica Corporation has carved a unique niche for itself in the highly competitive market for laboratory products. The company supplies clinical chemistry, blood gas, electrolyte, and hematology analyzers that are specifically designed to enhance productivity, lower costs and improve quality of care in small to medium-size in vitro diagnostic laboratories.

Take the EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer. This fully automated by Medica comes with a simple and intuitive user interface and allows lab technicians to analyze stat samples in less than 8 minutes. Maintenance is simple and easy and its RFID technology assures that reagents do not have to be manually programmed.

The Medica EasyStat blood gas analyzer, which measures PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-, and Hct and calculates additional parameters, can meet the needs of even the most challenging healthcare environments. All its components are combined into simple modules for easy access. This compact analyzer also features menus that provide simple operational instructions. Disposable electrodes and reagent module assure economical operation and low cost per sample.

With state-of-the-art electronics, the Medica EasyLyte analyzer is a completely automated, microprocessor-controlled electrolyte system. It features ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to measures combinations of Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+, Ca++, and pH in whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine. Quality-control data and patient histories are easily accessible and retrievable.

Leading lab equipment stores offer these quality products as well as stock reagents, controls and accessories for these Medica’s analyzers – from auto samplers, cleaning solution kits, electrodes and sensors, and sample trays and cups, urine diluents to maintenance and troubleshooting kits, operator and service manuals, tubing kits, and more. They also offer reagent rental plans for labs with budget constraints. Prompt and efficient maintenance service for Medica analyzers are also assured by partnering with a reliable laboratory equipment supplier.