Beckman Coulter AcT5 Diff.Top quality laboratory instruments are necessary to make laboratory procedures efficient with shorter turnaround times and improved workflows. These factors can contribute to reducing costs and helping labs cope with staff shortages and other resource limitations. The Beckman Coulter AcT5 Diff. is a hematology analyzer that falls in the top-notch category. It offers the best in terms of innovation, automation, performance and ease of use.

“Simple, affordable 5-part differential analysis” is how manufacturer Beckman Coulter describes the capabilities of this product. It overcomes the limitations posed by manual differential analyses with its flexible, cost-effective 5-part differential system.

What makes the Beckman Coulter AcT5 Diff. so unique is that it features Absorbance cytochemistry and Volume (AcV) technology. The benefits of this two-dimensional technology are it allows easy identification of monocyte, neutrophil and eosinophil populations. Lymphocytes remain unstained. There is a separate channel for the analysis of the basophil population using volume gating and selective lysis.

The system also offers incredible simplicity. It is easy to operate: simply select the analysis mode and load the sample. It features one-button operation with automatic probe wipe as well as one-button startup and shutdown. Other benefits:

  • 60 samples per hour
  • Efficient use of samples and reagents in CBC and CBC/DIFF modes
  • Reliable results in four different formats
  • Automatic calibration
  • Alphanumeric or bar-code patient identification and institutional header for reports
  • Diluent plus four onboard reagents
  • DiffPlot results in less a minute’s time
  • Minimal routine maintenance
  • Instrument generated flagging
  • Three user-definable patient and action ranges
  • Custom report formats
  • Multiple language software

The Beckman Coulter AcT5 Diff. is also quiet and compact, and takes up just two square feet of bench space. It is undoubtedly the ideal choice for any laboratory that requires excellent performance and incredible value.