Vision Flex Arm Laboratory-Grade Stereoscopes from LW Scientific are in high demand in research facilities and medical laboratories. They are excellent choices in situations where superior optical quality is necessary for “hands under” operation. They offer a clear, magnified and three-dimensional view of laboratory specimens.

Fine Resolution and Great Magnification Capabilities

Vision Flex Arm laboratory-grade stereoscopes offer a wide view and better resolution than other conventional dual-magnification stereoscopes. They come with user-friendly features like spring-loaded hinge joints with friction adjustments to hold any position. They can be easily rotated at 360 degrees when not in use. You can either screw them directly onto the countertop or mount them using the C-clamp.

The superior optic capabilities of the Vision stereoscopes facilitate increased width, working distance, and depth of focus. Their objectives are capable of rotating internally with a convenient control knob while changing magnification. The 1/2x supplementary lens is designed to double field of view and expand magnification options. Working distance can be extended up to 6 inches for hands-under work space. This offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to lab operations. The pole mount, variable halogen light and wide base of these units are useful features that ensure shadow-free illumination.

Vision Flex Arm Laboratory-grade Stereoscopes – General Features

The various models of LW Scientific Vision flex arm laboratory-grade stereoscopes available today include FLEX-ARM 10×20 (no light), FLEX-ARM 20×40 (no light), VFA-24, FLEX-ARM 10X/20X (no light), PFA-12 and FLEX-ARM 10X/30X (no light), PFA-13. The general features of these models include


Aluminum alloy construction

Acid and scratch resistant finish


Height adjustment with bottom stop

Large dual focusing knobs with metal rack & pinion


Frosted glass stage plate

Black & white contrast plate included

The various models of the LW Scientific Vision Flex Arm Laboratory-Grade Stereoscope are available with leading dealers and online stores.