LW Scientific Paragon Stereoscopes are specifically designed to meet the application requirements of students, educators and hobbyists. By utilizing these microscopes, research applications in industrial, dental and educational laboratories can be carried out easily and with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Available in a Variety of Models

Paragon Stereoscopes manufactured by LW Scientific are available in a variety of models. The popular models include Paragon FLEX-ARM 10X/20X (no light), Paragon FLEX-ARM 10X/30X (no light), Paragon Pole Mount 10X/20X (no light) and Paragon Pole Mount 20X/40X (no light). These microscopes are known for their perfect combination of quality and flexibility.

LW Scientific Paragon Stereoscopes with Advanced Features

LW Scientific Paragon Stereoscopes have several advanced features that enable efficient performance of research functions and generation of accurate evaluation reports. The important features of the LW Scientific Paragon FLEX-ARM 10X/30X (no light) Stereoscope are:

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Acid and reagent resistant finish
  • 30.5mm eye tube diameter
  • Binocular head, inclined 45°, rotates 360°
  • 55-80mm interpupillary distance adjustment
  • 10X/20 WF eyepieces
  • Optional 15X eyepieces
  • Illumination: ambient light, optional ring lights offer shadow-free illumination
  • Dimensions :9 inch length, 5.9 inch width, 15 inch height, 6lbs weight measurements

The Flex Arm stand of this stereoscope has spring-loaded hinge joints with friction adjustments so that it can hold any position. It can be rotated 360 degrees when not in use, mounted with the C-clamp or directly screwed on the countertop. The equipment also comes with a wide-field and dual-magnification optics, which offer high resolution and clarity across a broad field of view.

Contact a Reliable Distributor

When it comes to buying LW Scientific Paragon Stereoscopes, it is necessary to contact a consistent distributor who has a stock of new or refurbished models of the equipment at prices to suit specific requirements and budgets.