LW Scientific BioVID HD 1080+ CameraThe BioVID HD 1080+ camera from industry leader LW Scientific is an efficient microscope camera for research applications. You can easily connect it to any trinocular microscope via C-mount threading and plug the HDMI cable into any large screen HDTV to benefit from amazing resolution and fast-action video (60fps). The device has 1920×1080 resolution, increased sensitivity, low-noise, and great color rendition and offers high-resolution, smooth live-image display. Whether in a large lecture hall, a classroom, the laboratory, or clinic, the microscope images are displayed clearly.

The sensitivity required for viewing and capturing precise images in low-light needs including dark field, phase contrast, and epi-fluorescence is assured with this camera. Its extra large pixel size and the Sony IMX236(C) CMOS chip produce crisp images in bright field, even at high magnifications. As you can save images and videos to the included SD card, allowing portability and future use.

This LW Scientific camera is ideal for a wide variety of applications:

  • Research, teaching, and demonstration
  • Pathology, cytology, oncology, hematology, optometry, in vitro fertilization
  • Dental applications
  • Industrial and manufacturing

It is a great choice for forensics or educational settings as its “Side-by-Side” viewing feature allows the image comparison options. You can use HDMI and/or USB outputs at your flexibility or save images and videos to the included SD card. When choosing the USB output, the advanced image software allows for 2D measurement, HDR (High Dynamic Range) for more accurate representations of color and light, image stitching, EDF (Extended Depth of Focus), image segmentation and count, image stacking, color composite, sharpness and denoising.

When using HDMI output only, the onscreen camera control panel and tool bar, just a few clicks of the mouse allow the user access to features such as color adjustment, exposure, white balance, sharpness and denoising, zoom and freeze, mirror and comparison.

The LW Scientific BioVID HD 1080+ camera can be purchased online. Choosing an established lab equipment supplier would ensure competitive pricing and excellent customer support.