Lab MicroscopesLab microscopes are indispensable tools for research applications in biology, microbiology, cytology, hematology and pathology. LW Scientific is a leading manufacturer of advanced models of microscopes for use in educational, medical, research and scientific laboratories. The company’s microscopes are known for their quality and durability. Featuring superior infinity optics and ergonomic design, these user-friendly models can be easily used for extended periods of time.

Various Models of LW-Scientific Microscopes

  • i-4 Infinity Semi-Plan Binocular 4 Obj.: This infinity microscope features advanced led illumination and exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab. It comes with ergonomic drop down stage controls, finger lite fine focus adjustment, special swivel head lock and adjustable height binoc head for taller or shorter user’s infinity corrected optics.
  • i-101 Inverted Infinity Trinoc: This reliable laboratory microscope performs intricate and varied applications for vital tissue culture. The model includes 4x, 10x phase, 20x phase, and 40x infinity plan objectives and is also available with mechanical stage.
  • Mi-5 Infinity Labscope Plan Binoc, 4-10-20-40lwd-100x, Led: This is an advanced model designed specifically for applications such as research, lab inspections and health care applications. The infinity labscope can provide 10,000+ hours of consistent light. Led illumination ensures clarity. Constant color temperature is maintained for almost all specimens.
  • Mi5 Polarizing Trinoc, Infinity Plan Objectives, Halogen Illumination: An essential tool for synovial fluid analysis, the polarizing attachment and red compensator lens of this device can identify and differentiate crystal-induced arthritis such as gout or pseudo gout. It also functions as a flat-field, laboratory-grade microscope for routine cytology, hematology, urinalysis, etc. The system is designed to combine high-resolution optics with functionality at an affordable price for rheumatologists, gemologists, and other professionals.

Purchase of LW Scientific microscopes from an established online lab equipment store would ensure competitive pricing and reliable maintenance support.