Laboratory ovens are designed to meet a variety of applications in pharmaceuticals, electronics, metals and general materials processing. Large and small ovens for laboratory use are designed with unique digital temperature control and over temperature protection. All lab ovens can be accessorized with a number of available options. Depending on the ability to operate at maximum temperature these can be put on to particular operation. Thus ovens are classified into large, medium and small ovens. Commonly available large and small ovens are: Small oven 115 V, Small oven 230 V, Large oven 115 V and Large oven 230 V.

Ovens are used for moderate drying of sensitive products, drying glassware and samples, heat treatments like annealing, dry heat sterilization, evaporation, product age acceleration and for polymerizing plastics. Ovens are used in laboratories to provide different thermal processing applications for general lab work and processing. But these ovens cannot be used for heat combustible materials.

Standard Features of Large and Small Ovens

  • Double wall construction with glass wool insulation
  • Bi-metallic thermostat
  • Aluminum interior
  • Natural air convection
  • Supplied with two adjustable tip-proof zinc plated stainless steel shelves
  • Spirit filled thermometer
  • 230 V units are supplied with European plug

Laboratory ovens are also available in the market with controls operated either automatically or manually. Laboratory ovens use a wide variety of heating systems like electric, combustion, gas, infrared, oil, microwave or steam. Large laboratory ovens provide high efficiency drying performance in compact and robust casings.

Large and small ovens for laboratory use are available from reputable manufacturers. Boekel Scientific is a renowned trader in this competitive field and designs a variety of ovens offering high quality and service at affordable cost. Equipment from such companies features minimum repair and long term warranty.