Laboratory incubators and ovens find extensive application in hospitals, and in biology and microbiology labs. Incubators are used for culturing, heating, and incubation of reagents, samples and medias where warming and steady temperature are required. Incubators are broadly used for a number of applications such as bacteriology, diagnostic protocols for water, food and beverage testing, clinical, pharmaceutical and biotech testing, and so on.

Ovens are used for dry heat sterilization, polymerizing plastics, evaporation, product age acceleration, annealing, and for drying glassware and samples. They are available in different models with power ratings of 230 V and 115 V.

Design features of Laboratory Incubators and Ovens

Incubators are designed with a scratch and resistance free exterior. The interior is made up of aluminum to ensure easy cleaning. An incubator comes with a thermometer as a regular accessory, and also an adjustable shelf. To enhance heating and stability of temperature, each incubator is fitted with a blower fan. To make certain of temperature control, certain models of incubator use a hydraulic thermostat and a separate on or off switch. You can also find incubators with a PID controller, digital timer, and a separate power switch.

The constructional features of a laboratory oven include double wall construction with glass wool insulation. The interior is designed with aluminum. It is provided with bimetallic thermostats, a spirit filled thermometer, and adjustable tip-proof zinc plated steel shelves. It is highly versatile with a wide temperature range. Natural air convection is used in ovens.

One of the leading manufacturers of laboratory incubators and ovens is Boekel Scientific.

Prefer an Authentic Dealer in the Industry to Select Most Appropriate Product

Laboratory incubators and ovens are available with a vast array of features from most of the leading manufacturers. Renowned dealers would offer you a wide selection from which you can select a suitable product for a competitive cost.