By utilizing advanced models of LW Scientific Microscopes, the laboratory applications in educational, medical, research and scientific laboratories can be carried out with greater efficiency.

Obtainable in a Variety of Models

LW Scientific Microscopes are obtainable in a variety of models. These include M1-Plus Binocular Microscope, Revelation III-S Semi-Plan Trinocular with Eyepiece, RV30ST, M16 Freedom Jr. Cordless Microscope, M5 INFINITY LabScope Plan Trinocular and many more. With these diverse microscope models research applications in biology, microbiology, cytology, hematology and pathology laboratories can be carried out conveniently and accurately.

Designed with Advanced Features

Users can perform analytical applications effortlessly with the different models of LW Scientific microscopes, which are integrated with a range of easy-to-use features. The significant functionalities one can find in M5 INFINITY LabScope Plan Trinocular microscope model include:

  • Binocular (Seidentopf) head objectives
  • Reverse quadruple nosepiece
  • Dual slide holder
  • Coaxial drive controls, metal rack and pinion
  • 10X/20 high point eyepieces
  • Trinocular with C-mount or eye tube
  • Tension adjustment knob
  • Coarse adjustment range around 20mm
  • Fine adjustment graduation around 22μm
  • 77 mm x 50 mm range of traverse
  • Stage locking lever

The majority of LW Scientific microscopes for laboratory applications are provided with NA 1.25 moveable Abbe condenser, Iris diaphragm, halogen light source and more. Additional accessories include spare bulb, 2 amp fuses, immersion oil, blue, yellow and green filters and dust cover.

LW Scientific microscopes are obtainable in several dimensions differing in length, width, height and weight. These microscopes are also provided with one year warranty for the electronic components and lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship.

Utilize the Services of Reliable Dealers

When you plan to buy LW Scientific Microscopes for your laboratory facility, ensure that you find dependable dealers in the industry, offering competent technical support. They can also assist you in selecting the best model according to your specifications and budget.