L W Scientific is a leading manufacturer of binocular microscopes. High grade binocular microscope with modular design can be used for a wide range of applications. These are used in analytical applications in cytology, pathology, microbiology and hematology laboratories with greater efficiency and accuracy. L W Scientific binocular microscopes are available with a wide variety of accessories, which makes them one of the most versatile microscopes in the market.

Features of LW Scientific Microscopes

  • Standard monocular head
  • Four position nose piece
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing with tension adjustment
  • Built with heavy cast alloy
  • Reagent and acid resistant finish
  • Modifiable stage stop
  • Locked in eye piece with pointer installed

Different Versions of L W Scientific Binocular Microscopes

M1-Plus Binocular Microscope: features Seidentopf binocular head which is ergonomically positioned for operator’s comfort, mechanical stage, coaxial coarse, fine focus controls and reverse nose piece. These features are designed onto a stable frame to ensure durability and long term use.

I-4SB Infinity Semi-Plan Binocular Microscope: is designed with an array of advanced features. This microscope comes with an adjustable height Binoc head for the convenience of users. These models are designed with fine focus arrangement with a special swivel head lock. Ergonomic drop down stage controls are an added advantage to ensure accurate operation.

These microscopes provide superior imaging with comfort, durability and dependability.

Best Dealers for Better Products

Before making a purchase, find a competent laboratory equipment supplier in the field. Such a dealer can provide you with assistance in getting the exact model to meet your requirements and budget, along with technical support.