QBC Malaria Test System with ParaLens Advance, Microscope, CentrifugeNearly half of the world population – about 3.3 billion people – is at risk of contracting malaria. In 2010, the World Health Organization reported 655,000 malaria deaths. Medical experts continue to seek ways to control the disease. Vaccines are still at the clinical trial stage, but candidate drugs are available to treat the condition.

You are at risk of catching malaria if you are traveling to or living in a place where the disease is common such as Africa and the Caribbean. Just one bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito can give you the disease. Some tips to help keep malaria at bay: use mosquito repellent, have a mosquito net fitted onto your bed, and use clothing that doesn’t expose too much skin. Before you travel to a high-risk location, consult your doctor about anti-malarial medication and take the prescribed dose at the right time.

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is crucial to prevent malaria deaths and reduce malaria transmission. Clinical laboratories, especially in countries at risk, need to equip themselves with the right kind of diagnostic testing facilities. The QBCTM Malaria Test Kits from QBC Diagnostics offer very effective qualitative screening methods for quickly detecting the presence of malaria in centrifuged capillary venous blood. The method facilitates the direct observation of centrifuged blood in specially coated tubes. This unique microscopy system has the following advantages:

  • It permits field detection of malaria parasites in a 10 second to 3 minute examination of parasite-infected blood.
  • It is more sensitive than conventional blood-film microscopy
  • The components of the test require no controlled test environment or refrigeration facilities

Block Scientific offers QBC Diagnostics Malaria Test Kits at attractive rates. Test systems available include the QBC Malaria Test System with ParaLens Advance, Microscope and Centrifuge, and QBC Malaria Test System with ParaLens Advance and Centrifuge.