Laboratory IncubatorsCO2 incubators are crucial for research and clinical laboratories conducting cell culture and tissue culture work. This laboratory instrument is used for routine applications such as cell cultivation as well as for specific protocols such as IVF and stem cell applications. Maintaining a healthy CO2 level within the incubator is important because CO2 interacts with the buffering system of the cell culture media to determine the media’s pH.

Thermo Scientific, well-known for their superior analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents, recently launched the new Forma Series 3 CO2 incubator. This innovative lab device comes with reliable water jacket technology and effortless touchscreen control. The iCAN touchscreen interface with easy-to-use on-screen menu prompts, on-board error and data logging for monitoring performance, interactions and alarm conditions. The bright, door-mounted touchscreen interface provides complete data visibility to monitor all incubator interaction.

Clinical laboratories can now experience total data visibility and monitor all incubator interaction with the Forma Series 3 CO2 Incubator. On-screen menu prompts, error and usage logs, data logging, performance trend graphing, and multiple language selection make it the smartest incubator interface available.

Other leading manufacturers also offer innovative models of analog and digital laboratory incubators. Boekel Scientific’s reliable and economical Analog Dry Bath, 1-Block, 115V incubator is ideal for a series of applications such as COD denaturing DNA, restriction digests, melting agar, BUN, in situ hybridization, coagulation studies and Hot Start PCR. The MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator, with Heating 115V from Benchmark Scientific comes with digital temperature control and "set and walk away" operation. These quality products and other models are available at online lab equipment stores at competitive prices.