Lab incubators have evolved steadily since they were first introduced in the second half of the twentieth century. There are many challenges associated with culturing cells, especially with processes that require constant and precise temperatures such as in the rapidly evolving fields of bio-technology and genetic engineering. Well-controlled and adjustable incubation is the mainstay of research in these areas.

MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator Modern day digital and analog incubators are designed to meet most of these challenges. They can maintain temperature uniformity, and manage humidity and CO2 levels efficiently. However, regardless of your lab environment, buying an incubator for your applications can be confusing. The best option is to go for a leading brand like Boekal Scientific or Benchmark Scientific. Both these manufacturers offer quality, user-friendly incubators to meet culturing, incubation, and heating requirements in educational, medical and research labs.

Boekal offers a wide range of new Complete Culture Control (CCC) digital and analog incubators ideal for a wide range of applications: culturing, bacteriology, warming of samples, E. coli tests, diagnostic protocols for water, food and beverage testing, clinical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and biotech testing. The digital incubators allow for digital input and readout of incubation temperature, which has been expanded to go from ambient +10 to 90°C. Featuring a Ga steel powder-coated scratch and stain resistance exterior, easy-to-clean aluminum interior and solid polycarbonate doors, these incubators come with an over-range safety thermostat and a five hour timer. Boekal also offers Shaking Incubators which provide a gentle up and down motion suitable for hybridization and wash procedures, and conventional incubations. Boekel’s high performance CCC Analog incubators feature a hydraulic thermostat for temperature control.

If you are looking for “set and walk away” operation, Benchmark Scientific’s 115V MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator is an ideal option. The incubator immediately begins to work once the desired temperature is chosen. It automatically monitors chamber temperature and displays it in real time on its large LED control panel.

Partner with a reliable lab equipment supplier to choose the model which will serve your lab requirements.