STAT FAX 4500 Chemistry AnalyzerHigh-throughput clinical labs as well as point-of-care settings now use advanced clinical chemistry analyzers to test whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine samples.These devices come with unique capabilities to identify the various chemicals present in biological samples accurately and quickly, thereby enhancing therapeutic decision making. The STAT FAX 4500 chemistry analyzer by Awareness Technology is an economical, standalone, compact device designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.

With a streamlined design and a user-friendly touch screen interface, this analyzer offers superb optics and includes on-board curve-fitting software. On-board curve fitting software comes with step-by-step user prompting, facilitating better calculations. Designed to boost laboratory operational efficiency, the device is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Its impressive technical specifications and features that blend safety, efficiency and convenience include

  • Long-life IAD filters
  • Read cell is temperature controlled to 37°C
  • Built-in printer
  • Bichromatic and monochromatic reading
  • Turbidimetric assay capability
  • USB mouse option

The device’s large non-volatile memory stores 120 user-entered tests. Results can be printed on the built-in paper or displayed in customized format on a computer. It features single point calibration by standard or factor and multipoint calibration, kinetic rate by standard or factor (batch or singly).

An optional Flowcell in the standard model product pack accommodates 12mm tubes or cuvettes, six filters – 340, 405, 505, 545, 580 and 630nm -and a handy lab timer plus pen. Alternate filters are available from 340nm – 880nm.

Purchasing this chemistry analyzer model from a reliable online lab equipment store would come with benefits such as competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and efficient maintenance services. Established suppliers also offer a full line of parts and accessories for Awareness Technology analyzers. Labs can also opt for a convenient reagent rental plan wherein they can acquire the analyzer offered under the plan in exchange for the guaranteed reagent purchase from the supplier for the period of the plan.