Advia-Centaur-CPImmunoassay analyzers can help healthcare settings determine the presence of drugs, hormones, specific proteins, tumor markers and markers of cardiac injury. The ADVIA Centaur® CP Immunoassay System manufactured by Siemens is a mid-volume, high-throughput bench top system that enhances your in-house test capability.

The system allows laboratories to provide excellent patient care by bringing a wide range of immunoassays onto a single workstation, including infectious disease and Serum HER-2/neu. The unit facilitates easier handling with advanced features such as auto dilution, reflex, and reruns without operator intervention.

This consolidated platform with its enhanced menu capacity improves workflow and reduces costs by eliminating the need for multiple systems. The analyzer’s turnaround time (TAT) is as little as 15 minutes for most assays. With up to 180 tests/hour throughput and 400-test walk away capacity, the unit raises the level of productivity and increases the efficiency of operations within your lab.

Automatic operator warnings are also included that help to know when calibration is close to expiring, and when maintenance is due.

This device features:

  • Disposable pipette tips (zero carry over)
  • Automated clot detection
  • Sample and reagent bubble detection to further ensure quality results
  • User-defined automatic reflex and repeat testing to ensure accuracy
  • Intuitive touch screen operation, Windows®-based software
  • No-pause loading/unloading of samples and supplies

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the system uses the same time-proven Chemiluminescent Acridinium Ester technology as the rest of the ADVIA Centaur family. Ready-to-use, bar-coded reagents are automatically programmed into the software with no operator intervention.

With the ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System, you can stay ahead of your growing test volume, maximize productivity, and meet the growing needs of your lab in less time and with greater efficiency. By purchasing this quality analyzer from any professional lab equipment supplier, you can also benefit from budget-friendly pricing and excellent after-sales service.