Immunoassay analyzers are immunodiagnostic systems to carry out different types of immunoassay tests in the clinical laboratory at a fast rate. Immunoassay analyzers for medium-size labs are provided with innovative features such as window based software, positive ample ID, remote diagnostics, on-board dilutions, and consolidated footprint.

Different Models of Immunoassay Analyzers with Vast Array of Features

Immulite 1000, Immulite 2000, and Mini VIDAS are some of the modern immunoassay analyzers for medium-size labs.

Immulite 1000 and Immulite 2000 are from Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics which is a new division of DPC (Diagnostic Products Corporation).

DPC Immulite 1000: These models are extensively used due to their expanded menu list, simplicity, reliability, flexible platform, and superior quality performance. For the purpose of detection of antigens or antibodies, these models utilize enzyme-amplified chemiluminescent chemistry. These devices perform tests for infectious diseases, diabetes, thyroid, cardiac biomarkers, and so on, at a faster rate. They have the capability to perform 80 tests per hour.

DPC Immulite 2000: It is a random access, fully automated immunoassay analyzer used in medium-sized laboratories. It can perform 200 tests per hour. The unique features of these devices are automated data back up and ample storage capacity. They are mainly used in medium-sized labs to perform clot detection, primary tube sampling, third generation assays, and proprietary onboard dilution.

Mini VIDAS: Mini VIDAS is a fully automated immunoassay analyzer from Bio Merieux. It is used to perform infectious disease assays, coagulation and immunochemistry assays using ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) technology. It reduces carry over risks and requires only single point calibration.

Select a Renowned Dealer to Get Superior Quality Model

In order to buy immunoassay analyzers for medium-size labs, collect sufficient information about various models and their features. That way it becomes easier to select appropriate products for your requirement. The above mentioned models are available from leading traders in the industry at affordable rates.