If you are looking to sell lab equipment, it is important that you find a reliable dealer to buy it. Lab equipment is quite expensive, especially that used for advanced applications such as blood gas and electrolyte analysis, chemistry, immunology, hematology, microbiology, and so on. So to benefit from a good price, you have to sell the devices to a reliable dealer.

Finding a Reliable Supplier – Steps Involved

There are many different ways that can help you locate a medical equipment dealer. The proper use of the available resources can easily help you locate a laboratory equipment dealer that you can trust. Going by the following steps can help:

Browse the web – Browsing the Internet is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to locate dealers. Just entering the right terms or keywords on search engines can yield very specific results. Looking through the listings of lab product dealers in web directories and the yellow pages is a very dependable way of finding the right dealer for your lab equipment.

Shortlist suppliers – The next step involved in choosing a dealer is to shortlist dealers you think can offer you a good price for your product.

Type of equipment: See if your dealer will buy a device whether it is working or not if you are trying to sell equipment that is not in proper working order.

• Compare quotes and conditions: Check out the quotes and conditions that different buyers offer, including shipping costs and whether they are included in the price.

Choose your dealer – From the short-listed category, choose the dealer that can offer you the best deal. A CCR (Central Contractor Registration -certified vendor of laboratory devices is a good choice. Such dealers specialize in buying used lab gadgets from universities and government institutions, and recertifying them for sale.

Sell to a Dealer Specializing in Refurbishing Lab Devices

A dealer that specializes in selling refurbished lab devices is a good choice. Such dealers buy used equipment and put them through a revamping process before offering it for sale to needy laboratories. The vendors have certified personnel look through the used device, repair it and replace parts so that it works as good as new. Original manufacturer specifications are taken into account. They offer the product for sale with limited parts warranty at a reasonable price. So selling your lab equipment to these reliable dealers is an ideal option and can fetch you a good price.