Medica EasyBloodGasVarious scientific studies have pointed out that the modern blood gas analyzers have wide ranging effects on basic research as well as clinical medicine. Here are some features that make new blood gas analyzers like the Medica EasyBloodGas a great piece of lab equipment compared to the traditional instruments:

  • No gas tanks: The new machines do not need compressed calibration gas tanks of O2 and CO2. They use reagents to generate CO2. In the EasyBloodGas, for instance, a mix of gases and liquids creates a convenient Reagent Module containing liquid calibrants. Calibration is accurate and fast.
  • Sophisticated design: Unlike their traditional counterparts, new blood gas analyzers feature a stylish modular design, and are stable and fast. They do not have water baths to fill. Their solid-state memory allows the tracking of data code and reagent usage.
  • Easy data management: This is another advantage. Eliminating the need for manual calculations, modern blood gas analyzers come with computer interfaces and built-in algorithms to calculate Po2, Pco2, pH, and additional parameters in blood samples quickly and accurately. For instance, the EasyBloodGas quality control program calculates and stores complete statistics for the last 30 quality control results at each of three levels. Its data management program can store results for as many as 64 patients, compare patient results and indicate out-of-range results.
  • Economical to operate: The modern blood gas analyzer eliminates the need for testing daily QC. There is no need to document errors and no need to deal with aspiration pumps and so on. A model like the EasyBloodGas comes with a unique electrode design to ensure economical operation and reduced cost per sample.
  • User-friendly: In the past, blood measurements in neonates were difficult because of the large blood volume required. Modern blood gas analyzers adapt to both syringe and capillary samples. The self-wiping feature of the EasyBloodGas sample probe ensures sample integrity, user convenience and user safety.
  • Low-maintenance: In the EasyBloodGas, advanced technology ensures that the membranes never need to be changed.

Helping labs deliver sample testing at economical costs, modern blood gas analyzers like the EasyBloodGas are making a positive impact on lab efficiency as well as diagnosis and care. A leading lab equipment supplier can provide compact analyzer at a competitive price.